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  • 🔊【UPDATED VERSION】The new Stetsom Audio Processor STX 2448 FLOATING has everything the standard STX2448 has and much more, specially designed for those who care about audio quality.
  • 🔊【FLOAT MODE】The DSP Floating mode provides different flows and features compared to standard DSPs. It allows the processor to be loaded with different audio streams and resources, expanding the range of possibilities for configuring various systems. Available in Standard and PRO modes.
  • 🔊【TWO TYPES OF INPUT】RCA & High Signal (factory car stereo), both share the same input A & B.
  • 🔊【INPUT LEVEL ADJUSTMENT】Allows you to adjust the level of input audio signals. This feature also has two LEDs indicating if the input signal is saturated (CLIP) on input channels A & B.
  • 🔊【ENCODER BUTTON】The improved encoder button has rotation and click actions, that will lead you through all the device configurations.



Stetsom STX2448 FLOATING Full Professional DSP Digital Signal Processor PRO, Crossover & Equalizer, Remote Sequencer